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Medical Expertise

Diagnosis and medical tests for the wel-being of the individual

Our approach is one that employs optimal solutions adaptes to your needs; this is accomplished through a collaboration of medical experts in drug addiction, including psychiatry and neuropsycholoy.

We offer program that is personalise and adapted
to your need, and we provide solutions to your questions and request.

More than a screening service

A multidisciplinary team for a global approach

We be believe that the approach required to help alcoholics and substance abusers get back on their feet relies essentially on a proper diagnosis, therapeutic recommenfations that are both personalised and adapted to the client, and therapeutic follow-up.

Over the course of the last few years C.É.P.A.T has acquired a first-rate reputation that permit us to compose clear legal-medical expert opinions that are customised to each individual case.

We evaluate the following :
  • Alcoholism and substnce abuse.
  • Gambling, sexual dependence and other behavioural dependencies.
  • Particular interest for co-morbidities : meaning the co-existence of psychiatric and substance use disorders
  • Extensive review of medical and/or therapy files, provided by the organisation in the form of litigation. We provide an expert opinion following the reading and analysis of these files.
  • Evaluation of the functionnal capacity of an individual with respect to returning to work.
  • We collaborate with businesses, unions, professional corporations, insurance companies, etc.