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By using the services of the CEPAT Medical Expertise Center, you have access to a multidisciplinary team covering many specialties such as psychiatry, psychology, neurology, neuropsychology, sexology. These services can be offered to you as part of additional expertise.

All results obtained by this comprehensive approach allow us to prepare a forensic expert report accompanied by a detailed diagnostic opinion, treatment recommendations and a prognosis. We can also analyze disputed medical files submitted to us.

Finally, we can provide a therapeutic follow-up service including occasional assessments with suprise alcohol and drug tests.


To have a complete and detailed knowledge of the individual and his disease, we must first carry out a thorough medical assessment that integrates the various aspects: physical, psychological, social, behavioral, etc.

We assess the following issues:

Screening tests

We offer alcohol and drug test services for the workplace, including pre-employment tests, pre-assignment to security positions  or management positions, screening for specific reasons, screening for return to work after violation or after treatment. These screening tests can also be done when returning to work after an extended or short leave.


In some cases, we offer random drug testing as part of treatment follow-up.


Our drug tests can detect the presence of alcohol and most types of drugs in the body. Different types of tests are available, such as urine tests, saliva tests or blood tests.

The tests are done at our offices or directly at your company. Our years of experience and professionalism ensure that you get reliable and verified results.


All the steps are done quickly and in a strictly confidential manner. Respect for private life is a priority at Cépat.


Assessments, diagnoses and medical tests for the well-being of the person. Our approach makes it possible to prepare elements of optimal solutions adapted to your needs; this is done with the collaboration of a team of medical experts in drug addiction, even in psychiatry.


We offer personalized and adapted program by providing solutions at your requests.

Blood Test

Blood tests are a great way to measure health. Here at Cépat we do everything to make this process easier for you and with as little friction as possible.


The tests are made at our offices or directly at your company. Our approach is personalized and professional. A private and recognized laboratory ensures the reliability of your tests and readable and understandable results are sent to you quickly.

Additional Services

The effort to help alcoholics and substance abusers take back control over their lives should rely on a medical diagnosis since the causes of their problems are both numerous and complex.

Jean-Pierre Chiasson
Centre d’Évaluation pour Alcooliques et Toxicomanes

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1140 Beaumont Avenue
Ville Mont-Royal, QC